Mountain Brook Water was founded by my grandfather, G.R. Chambers in 1988. Mountain Brook began as a bottler and distributor of 3 and 5 gallon bottles for home and office use across Louisiana and Mississippi. 

Over the last five years, Mountain Brook has rapidly expanded its Kentwood operations to include the bottling of 10 different bottle sizes and distribution across the entire Gulf Coast Region.

Mountain Brook‘s water comes from the deep Kentwood Aquifer in Kentwood, LA. Since 1963 this aquifer has been providing pure, clean and refreshing water to consumers throughout the Gulf Coast Region.

Our artesian water originates in deep underground formations that date back tens of thousands of years. These formations help to naturally purify the water. That is why the water is pure and clean straight from the ground. After Mountain Brook collects this Artesian Water straight from the source through tapping this formation with wells; this water is put through the following 3 step process mandated by the FDA.

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